You can’t get your ring(s) off?!

From our Service Department

Okay, so I swear that gold shrinks over time.  Really!  After some years, it seems that often rings don’t fit anymore.  For those who never take their rings off, this can come as quite a surprise.  One day the ring needs to come off and, oh no!  Before you panic, here is what to try.  Note:  if it is an emergency, please go to the nearest Emergency Department.

Pick a time of day when your hands are the least swollen (for some this is the morning; for others, the afternoon).  Go to a place where the temperature is lower (outside in the winter; an air conditioned room in the summer). Hold your hand up (above your heart) for about 2 minutes.  Next, put a generous amount of hand cream on the finger and the ring making sure it gets under the ring.  Then spray some Windex on the finger and try to slide the ring off.

If none of this works, call us!  Our Jeweller will be happy to cut the ring off.  There is no charge for this service.  Call ahead to make sure he will be in the store when you are planning to come.

What not to do!
Please do not let anyone take side cutters or any other cutters to your ring, unless it is an emergency, in which case, your finger is more important to save than the ring.


New Beginnings

Hello and welcome.   We are starting this blog to help answer the many questions we get from our customers.  Jewellery is our passion, and our expertise.  For most people, jewellery is something beautiful to wear.  A symbol of a relationship, an occasion, or an accomplishment.  What happens when it needs to be fixed, or sized?  What about re-setting stones?  What about appraisals?  Our goldsmith and certified appraisal professional (CJA) can help you out.  Have a question that we haven’t addressed?  Let us know and we will cover it in a future post.  Of course, if you are in the Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada area, please drop by.  We would love to meet you.