30%off All Bulova Watches

Friday, September 2nd, 201602-Bulova-FB-01

Today only!   30% off all in stock Bulova watches.

A different item on sale each day in September.

Check back for tomorrow’s anniversary special.


30th Anniversary

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Wow!  It’s been 30 years since Chuck first started selling jewellery as a hobby.   How things have changed.  We are now a full service jewellery store.  Chuck is a goldsmith, Graduate Gemologist (GIA), and accredited jewellery appraisal professional.  We have Jane Komoski who is a goldsmith with over 30 years of experience, and our assistant manager, Yvonne Homer has just finished her Graduate Gemology program with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  Christine runs the office, and Jenna and Maulik round out our great team.  All of this expertise allows us to do jewellery repairs and appraisals right in our store, as well, we can create a custom designed item to meet your specifications.  All this in addition to the large selection of jewellery and watches in our showroom.

We have accomplished all of this because you, our customers, have trusted us to help you find the perfect gifts to commemorate your special occasions and just the right items to go with your favourite ensembles.  You have entrusted us to care for your most precious possessions.

Now it is time for us to give back to you.

For the month of September, we will be having a new sale every day.  30% off a different item each day.

September 1st will be 30% off all Celtic jewellery.  September 2nd?  September 3rd?  Each day’s sale item will be announce in a daily e-mail each day in September  As well, it will be posted on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and our blog.  Don’t worry.  The daily emails will only be for September.  After that, we will go back to monthly with a few extra at Christmas.

The fine print

Only the items on sale on any particular day will be 30% off.  Not to be combined with other promotions.  In stock items only unless otherwise specified.



You can’t get your ring(s) off?!

From our Service Department

Okay, so I swear that gold shrinks over time.  Really!  After some years, it seems that often rings don’t fit anymore.  For those who never take their rings off, this can come as quite a surprise.  One day the ring needs to come off and, oh no!  Before you panic, here is what to try.  Note:  if it is an emergency, please go to the nearest Emergency Department.

Pick a time of day when your hands are the least swollen (for some this is the morning; for others, the afternoon).  Go to a place where the temperature is lower (outside in the winter; an air conditioned room in the summer). Hold your hand up (above your heart) for about 2 minutes.  Next, put a generous amount of hand cream on the finger and the ring making sure it gets under the ring.  Then spray some Windex on the finger and try to slide the ring off.

If none of this works, call us!  Our Jeweller will be happy to cut the ring off.  There is no charge for this service.  Call ahead to make sure he will be in the store when you are planning to come.

What not to do!
Please do not let anyone take side cutters or any other cutters to your ring, unless it is an emergency, in which case, your finger is more important to save than the ring.

The weak link in the chain.

Why don’t we solder the ring that connects your clasp to your chain?

Most of you have heard of “The weak link in the chain”.  Typically, there is a small ring (we call it a Jump Ring) which connects the end of your chain to the clasp (usually a lobster claw or spring ring).  This ring is intended to be the weak link in the chain.  That means it will pull open when the chain is pulled or caught on something.  Yes, I know you are concerned that the chain might fall off, but if that ring was soldered closed, the chain would probably have broken somewhere else anyway (or really hurt your neck).  By having this ring open, it protects the main part of the chain from stress and possible breakage.  It is much less expensive to re-close or replace the Jump Ring than to fix a broken chain.  Another problem occurs when soldering close to a clasp.  Unless it is soldered very carefully, or laser welded, the heat from soldering can damage the metal in the spring and cause it to fail.  We recommend that you check this Jump Ring on your chain periodically.  If it is starting to open, bring it in for one of our Goldsmiths to close it back up for you, or replace it if necessary.  While you are at it, check your whole chain over for parts that are getting thin.  A bit of maintenance now may prevent the loss of a chain (and any pendants on the chain) later.

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