New Beginnings

Hello and welcome.   We are starting this blog to help answer the many questions we get from our customers.  Jewellery is our passion, and our expertise.  For most people, jewellery is something beautiful to wear.  A symbol of a relationship, an occasion, or an accomplishment.  What happens when it needs to be fixed, or sized?  What about re-setting stones?  What about appraisals?  Our goldsmith and certified appraisal professional (CJA) can help you out.  Have a question that we haven’t addressed?  Let us know and we will cover it in a future post.  Of course, if you are in the Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada area, please drop by.  We would love to meet you.


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. hello, my grandmother gave me a bracelet when I was a child. it made of cubic zirconia, I think and silver or a base metal. actually I’m not sure if its expensive or not. I was wondering if you can replace the stones that have been lost over the thirty some odd years that I’ve had it. if you think its fixable please,
    let me know what the expense would be -estimated and where do I bring it?


    • Hello Treena-Marie,
      Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer your questions without being able to inspect the bracelet. You can bring it to our store at 1094 Memorial Avenue , in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We are open 10-6 Monday – Saturday and Thursday nights until 8pm. We are normally closed on Sundays, but during December, we are open 12-4 until Christmas. We would be happy to give you a free estimate.


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